Data Protection - Cloud Backup Conversions Increase

Over the past six months we have seen an increase in existing clients moving across to our Cloud Backup offering, iStor. Many are looking for peace of mind that their data is in a secure, off-site location and others are simply realising that this is a more sensible and safer option to swapping a disk or tape each day and the associated administration of remembering to take it off-site and bring it back again when required, as well as media failures and other problems that older backup offerings employ.

iStor provides a cost-effective solution to your backup needs, be this from single workstation through to complex virtual environments, there is a product offering that will work for you, with options around data retention and the ability to also have your data backed up to a local storage option for faster recovery as well as to the Cloud-based portal. The product is centrally managed and maintained by us and, once installed, you don’t have to think about it again, knowing that the data is securely held should you need to recover it at any time. If you are running on a legacy backup product and are looking to change the way your data is protected, contact us now to discuss your requirement and see how i3Q can help you migrate across to a simple, efficient process that takes the worry away from your data storage. Many already have and this is an offering that the majority of new clients we are bringing on-board are also taking up as soon as they have started working with us.