Outdoor work

Uniting remote offices

Opening a satellite office brings many challenges – what is the best way to provide access to centralised systems for the remote users, and how can everyone talk in the most cost-effective and simplest way?  When one of our clients did just that we looked at introducing a new PBX solution that could be linked to the existing unit at head office. This seemed to make sense, especially knowing that growth was going to be a medium term option. However, for the initial deployment of staff this was not really a sensible and practical approach.

As the existing solution at the main site utilised both ISDN30e and IP options for communication we were able to bring the remote users straight in to the central PBX deployment as standard IP Handsets across the data VPN that was installed between sites.  This was the perfect solution as the cost involved only the handsets and licensing, which would need to be purchased anyway, and the setup time was as simple as creating the new users and extensions on the system.  The remote office is now able to utilise the functionality and features of the central PBX as if they are based in the same office, route their calls out through that site so no line rental is incurred locally, and expansion for new users is as simple as adding another handset and creating the extension.

If the business chooses to open any further offices in the future we now have a simple and fast method of deploying voice solutions to other locations for them with minimum cost and setup time that can bring everyone together.