Simplified Backup Management

When a business has multiple sites that are spread across the country, all utilising disparate backup solutions, the management and monitoring of the estate can be a logistical nightmare.  By utilising the iStor Protect product provided by i3Q Systems Limited we have been able to bring a single, easy-to-use, centralised tool to one of our clients that was in just that very situation.

Through a simple web interface we have provided a global view of all backup jobs that are now running for the client with instant visibility of the state of any job, be that physical, virtual, email or database.  Backups are sent immediately to an off-site cloud storage location so local storage is not a concern. However, some key sites also have a mirror of the off-site located on-premise for faster recovery options in the event of a recovery being required.  They have been able to take advantage of the “bandwidth utilisation” functionality which enables us to control the data throughput on their networks so that, where backups are larger and run into the business day, there is no impact to the local resources to the user base.

And when the unfortunate happened and a server required recovering, through the use of the local storage mirror we were able to recover their system in under an hour to the state of the last backup snapshot so the downtime was minimal and business operations could continue with little interruption.

The backup solution really does provide a fast, efficient and simple approach to a function that is a worry for system administrators – it is actually so easy you'll wonder why you hadn't migrated across to this solution before.