Securing the environment

IT Systems are constantly open to malicious attacks and it is a constant battle to make sure that IT systems are protected effectively to prevent unwanted damage and disruption to a business.  And when you have a multitude of sites all running a combination of different Antivirus and Antimalware products ensuring that they are all up to date, both from an application and protection level, is a constant challenge. 

Utilising the centralised Managed Antivirus / Antimalware solution from i3Q enabled one of our clients to bring everything under one central umbrella and have an immediate live view of their installed estate.  Through the use of the central remote management tool, we were able to identify the products that were already installed to all locations and swiftly deploy the new, managed product with no disruption to the end users.  The same tool was then able to remove the legacy applications that were installed to the estate, again with minimal disruption so that company operations could continue.

Since migrating across, there is now no worries that the product installed is not doing its job.  As the software is always monitored, if any issues with the application are picked up by the monitoring tool, this instantly lets i3Q know so that any remedial actions can be taken.  Any threats picked up are also instantly alerted so that instant action can be taken.  The product is constantly updating itself, both from a threat definitions and application perspective so there is comfort in the knowledge that all clients are running the latest version of all elements of the product.  A central console provides an instant view of the installation status of all machines and also provides any cleaning actions should a more serious threat be encountered.


And as this is a cost-effective tool for both Antivirus and Antimalware it is just one simple monthly licensing cost and the whole of the business is covered.