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Modernising business processes

Many businesses employ the same approach for their IT requirements and don’t look to make sure that they are getting the right products for their needs or aren’t utilising the most cost-effective approach of managing their IT budget.  This is something that we see on a regular basis, but the consultants at i3Q are able to work with a client to take their legacy systems and work with them to deliver the most suitable tools for their business needs.

We have recently been working with a client that has been using a legacy database product for a number of years and was now looking to move to an alternative product which would also require upgrades to the internal infrastructure to support the new product.  Unfortunately for us, the new database was already chosen so we had a set of constraints that had to be worked in.  One of our Consultants spent time working with the client and new incumbent supplier to understand both the needs of the software and the business and then worked with all parties to ensure that the remainder of the environment upgrades were looked at correctly, from both a hardware and software licensing perspective.  We were able to look at how they were already purchasing and using products to ensure that a new approach would be more beneficial in the longer-term and also assessed the impact of the new implementation to other areas of their systems to ensure compatibility and ease of migration.  

Without the service we provided the implementation could have had an impact on other areas of the business, so by taking the step-back and providing the wider view of their current and future systems we are able to advise and recommend exactly what was needed to implement the new system with minimal disruption to all.